Giving Infernal Devices Characters MBTI Personality Types

A few weeks back we gave Cassandra Clare’s Chain of Gold characters Myres-Briggs personality types we thought fitted them. And we enjoyed it so much, we thought we’d follow it up by doing the same for her Infernal Devices characters 🙂 Each of the personality types is made up of four letters, each representing aContinue reading “Giving Infernal Devices Characters MBTI Personality Types”

Olympic Games Readathon TBR

Today it’s just the one of us writing this, as it’s just me who’s decided to take part in the Olympic Games readathon. I’m a little late to this readathon as it started at the beginning of the month, but when I saw that Ishi, Ally, Nicole and Sasha were hosting a Percy Jackson themedContinue reading “Olympic Games Readathon TBR”

Sorting Chain of Gold Characters Into Hogwarts Houses

Today, we thought we’d follow up our previous post, Giving Chain of Gold Characters MBTI Personality Types, by sorting the same characters into Hogwarts houses. It was so much fun giving them personality types and so we thought sorting them would be great fun too! So, let’s grab our sorting hat and get started… JamesContinue reading “Sorting Chain of Gold Characters Into Hogwarts Houses”

Are Star Wars Novels Worth the Read?

Today we’re looking at a collection of novels set in one of the most well-known and celebrated fictional universes ever – Star Wars. The first ever film, A New Hope, directed by George Lucas, was released in the December of 1977 and launched a huge franchise that’s still going today, since being bought by Disney.Continue reading “Are Star Wars Novels Worth the Read?”

The Hidden Meanings of the Harry Potter Spells

Expecto Patronum! Wingardium Leviosa! Lumos! Today, we’re digging deeper into some of the iconic spells from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. J. K. Rowling studied Classics (along with French) and the Latin language is ever present in her books: From the Hogwarts motto, to the names of famous locations and potions, her magical seriesContinue reading “The Hidden Meanings of the Harry Potter Spells”

The Magical World of The Odyssey

Today we wanted to talk about the Odyssey! Now, hold on, I know what you’re probably thinking… That ancient book? Isn’t that just for old scholars? Or PhD level Classicists? Yeah, we had our doubts too! But when one of us recently began reading it as part of a Classical Civilisation A Level, we realisedContinue reading “The Magical World of The Odyssey”

Japanese Mythology In Shadow Of The Fox

Today we’re taking a look at “Shadow of the Fox” by Julie Kagawa. Even from glancing at the cover you can immediately tell that the book is heavily inspired by Japanese culture: Beautiful cherry blossom graces the edges and two samurai-style swords are crossed behind the title. But we all know you can’t always judgeContinue reading “Japanese Mythology In Shadow Of The Fox”

Fictional Places We’d Love To Visit

Today we’ve rounded up our top seven iconic fictional locations that we’d love to see in real life! So, let’s get straight into it… Number 7 – Camp Half-Blood Camp Half-Blood is a summer camp for demigods created by Rick Riordan in his novels, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. We’d love to be demigods andContinue reading “Fictional Places We’d Love To Visit”

Giving Chain of Gold Characters MBTI Personality Types

Today, we’re giving the main characters from Cassandra Clare’s latest novel, Chain of Gold, Myres-Briggs personality types we think match them. The personalities are made up of four main features, represented by letters. So, before we get into it, here’s a quick overview of the categories. Introverted/Extroverted Introverted individuals are more reserved and can beContinue reading “Giving Chain of Gold Characters MBTI Personality Types”

Our Top 10 Books To Read Whilst Stuck At Home

Many people across the globe are currently having to spend a little extra time in the house, so we’ve rounded up some excellent reads to transport you off the sofa and whisk you away to magical castles, enchanted forests and occasionally a skeleton detective… #10 – Runemarks by Joanne Harris This incredibly witty novel transportsContinue reading “Our Top 10 Books To Read Whilst Stuck At Home”